Electronics * Avionics *** Mechanical Design * Electronics Design * Software Design *** Production * Certification

Research and Development

With our R&D services we cover the whole life cycle of your products:

  • System concept
  • Definition of user interfaces, ergonomics
  • Requirements definition
  • Electronic design,
    • Design for EMI/EMC from the start
    • Schematics design
    • PCB layout
  • Software design
    • Embedded software/firmware for microprocessor based (real-time) systems
    • Complex (multi-) processor based systems
    • Embedded operating systems
  • Mechanical design (2D- and 3D-CAD) for
    • Sheet metal punching and bending
    • Milling
    • Mold design for metal die casting and plastic injection molding
    • Laser etching
    • Integration of electronics
    • EMC/EMI shielding

Prototype manufacturing

Nothing beats the real thing. Even with simulation tools you need the real hardware for

  • software development and verification
  • certification
  • marketing samples

Fast turn-around times for electrical and mechanical prototypes guaranties short time-to-market.

Qualification and Certification

We work with local test labs to perform environmental testing. Should there be problems during test, we can usually solve them with our long experience in the design and certification of products.

  • Temperature and humidity (in house)
  • Shock/Vibration

to ce, DO-160, MIL-810 or EN90645