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The Company

Becker Electronics Taiwan Ltd (BETL) is a privately owned company, founded 1973 as manufacturing plant for Becker Autoradiowerk.

BETL was part of the Becker group.

After restructuring of the Becker group, BETL is independent of its former mother company Becker Avionics Germany.

Company Data

Name Becker Electronics Taiwan Ltd. (BETL)
Address No. 32, Lane 30, Long Yuan Rd.
Long-Tan, Taoyuan 32544
Phone +886 (0)3 471 0992 – 0
E-Mail info.betl.inc@becker.com.tw
Web http://www.becker.com.tw
Timezone CST, UTC+8
Total Number of Employees 12
Number with at least B.Sc. degree 9
Certification QM System ISO 9001:2015
Services offered R&D Electronics and Mechanics