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Fleet-Management Add-On for AvioScout-Mission
using the Iridium®-satellite network


How it works

Using the integrated Iridium® modem the helicopters status information (position, status, route) is sent in regular intervals to a central server. Mission control stations can access this server from everywhere and see the status of all helicopters.

The communication is two way: The mission control stations can send new missions (text and a destination) to the helicopters.

The pilot just confirms the mission and automatically has the destination set as a waypoint and the new status is sent to the server. Mission control is thus automatically informed.

No need for error prone voice communication results in reduction of pilots workload and faster response time. Increases efficiency by reducing empty flights.

Using the Iridium® satellite network gives world wide coverage without any “holes” and still keeps things affordable: for example a status update every two minutes results in costs of 1.20US$ per flight hour.

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