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NEWS: The AvioScout-Mission system has been granted ETSO authorisation by EASA.

Affordable mission-system for helicopters
Optimized for Police and Medical Rescue (HEMS) Operations
Ready for your mission and your budget

All you need in mission system in a compact housing
  • Dim: 160 * 136 * 90mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Sun-light readable display, 6.5", 640*480 pix, 700 nits
  • Integrated GPS+GLONASS receiver
  • Integrated Iridium Data Modem
  • Certified to ETSO C113, Software DO-178C level D

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Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Full situational awareness for pilot and mission control center
  • Compact system standard 160mm width
  • Simple to install
  • ETSO certified (C113, in preparation)
  • Affordable for your budget
  • Shorter reaction time
  • Error and workload reduction
  • Better vehicle utilization by avoiding empty flights

Basic Software Functions

  • Display of pixel maps
  • Display of vector maps, with streets and house numbers
  • Display in North-up or Heading-up mode. Change with the press of a button
  • Simple zoom with rotary knob, with automatic change of map.
  • In Heading-up mode the present position is shown in the lower third of the display, so more area ahead is visualized.
  • Depiction of speed vector. Its length shows the range for the next two minutes.
  • Recording of flight path (trace). It can be saved and later recalled for display or exported for display and printed for documentation.
  • Display of track, ground speed, bearing ETE and ETA and distance to go.


All overlays can easily be switched on and off.

  • ATC (air traffic control) overlay. Showing control zones, etc.
  • Airports
  • Trace (flight path)
  • Terrain height. Terrain higher than the current altitude is colored on the map – a simple HTAWS.
  • FLARM, ADS-B or TCAS targets are displayed on the map if appropriate equipment is installed
  • Obstacle overlay. The operator can create and maintain his own obstacle overlay.


If a EOS camera is installed and is able to supply the information

  • Line of Sight. The point where the camera is looking at.
  • Field of View. Area the camera is showing
  • Camera picture. The screen can be switched between map and camera display. A small overlay can be shown besides the map.

Radio Direction Finder

If a radio-DF is installed, support for:

  • Radio-Direction Finder
  • Personal Locator Beacon Finder


Waypoints and Routes

  • Address data base with towns, streets and house numbers
  • Date base with airfields
  • User defined POIs can be grouped in arbitrary as many lists as desired.
  • Setting of waypoints using data base, coordinate input or simply be moving on the map.
  • Home function, allows setting of a predefined waypoint with one button.
  • NEAR function to select nearby landing places in case of emergency.
  • MOB (Man Over Board) to store present position and recall them later to set a waypoint.
  • The last 50 waypoints are automatically stored and can be easily recalled.